A great gift of joy and blessing our congregation has lived at the beginning of this year 2015, year of Consecrated Life, allowing us to perform the IV Congress of Lay Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe (MLSCGpe), at the premises of the Azcapotzalco College in Mexico City from January 9 to January 11.


This encounter was marked by the joy, the love, and fellowship of our lay missionaries brothers from various locations, both from Mexico and from other countries where our Congregation is present.

Neither distance nor weariness decreased the enthusiasm and commitment of our brothers who since their arrival were excited and ready to meet with the Lord Jesus, listening to his message and responding with all their strength to continue extending his reign of love.


Chronicle of the MLSCGPE Congress.


1st Day "Love" 

Our day started very early in the General House, by arranging the final details and exciting waiting for our missionary brothers. The first to arrive were those from Tenosique, Zacatecas and Villa Union, Durango, later joined by the communities of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Belize, as well as the communities in the central region of our country, and finally Monterrey.

After a pleasant welcome, the Congress began at 5:00 pm with the registration of participants, and later separated by groups of communities to proclaim the motto: "A look into the Heart of Christ will returns us the hope", and then entering in procession to the school auditorium while singing the anthem of the Honor Guard.

Onces inside the auditorium, the coordinator sisters, who accompanied each of the communities, were presented.

The opening ceremony was led by Mother Jovita Pelayo Vázquez, in charge of the MLSCGpe,  and Mother Juana Inés Loredo Gonzalez, who said a few words on behalf of the RM Virginia Morfín Figueroa, inviting everyone to answer the call of the Heart of Jesus, inviting the young people to  appear themselves as apostles of the Lord listening,  inviting parents as the main promoters of missionary vocations of their children, and inviting the missionary sisters to work in order to make visible the signs of the kingdom in the world today. The Mother Jovita concluded this event with the Lord's Prayer.

Later MLSCGpe presented a cultural program in which each group showed the most beautiful of their culture. The first number was a folkloric stamp by the Azcapotzalco College led by Professor Rodolfo Flores; then the community of Miguel Auza with the “Zacatecas March”. The Tenosique community presented a traditional Pochó dance.  The Belize community acted and explained cultural diversity of their country. The Cuernavaca community invited everyone to dance to the rhythm of the "Chinelos". The Comitan community introduced its presentation with a video about their community and later performed a play with the name "The Store of Heaven". Finally the Mother Jovita thanked everyone for their commitment and enthusiasm for sharing with others.


2nd Day "Repair"

We attended Mass at the Basilica of Guadalupe to visit Our Blessed Mother, and thanked her for the many gifts received and entrust her the performance of the Congress.

We held group dynamics called  "I am a missionary of the Gospel". The first lecture was given by Mr. Héctor Martínez de Castro, President of the National Guard of Honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who through personal experience, stressed the importance of repairing and glorify the Heart of Jesus through the offering of our actions, living in humility, forgiveness, and love. He reminded us that the Heart of Jesus does not stop rewarding us with its twelve promises to all those who spread his devotion and worship. Finally he invited everyone to join the Guard of Honor, with a special offer of their activities in a given hour.

The second conference day was called "A New Evangelization for deepening the Kerygma" was directed by Mother Maria Petra Rojas, in which she mentioned specific points of the missionary commission taken from Bible passage Mt. 28,19-20, and also included in the Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium.

In the afternoon Mother Felicitas Valle Sánchez, postulator of the Cause of Canonization of the Servant of God Maria Amada, our foundress Mother, presented the lecture "Saint Mary of Guadalupe in the Life of the Servant of God Maria Amada del Niño Jesus". We watched a video about the Marian Spirituality of the Servant of God and we were asked to write two most significant ideas or phrases to share with everyone. There was made a special mention of the influence of the parents and family in the life of Mother Maria Amada, bringing to our attention how Mother Maria Amada overcame the temptations and trials. All of this thanks to her trust in Saint Mary so she could fight for her ideal, even surpassing the fact of having been banished from Guadalajara, proving to be a woman full of virtue, which contributed spiritually to the establishment of peace in our country and around the world through prayer and sacrifice. It was also emphasized how she used to address the Virgin of Guadalupe, to whom she came in moments of great difficulty and frequently visited at the Basilica. From her moments of prayer, she emerged strengthened, demonstrating with facts her help to others, feeling great compassion and love for the natives, who wanted to spare of their poverty and misery. Finally we were encouraged to pray the rosary for peace in our country and around the world, directing this prayer to SD Maria Amada.

After the conference, a contest was held based on the questionnaire that was given to study by the team of Cuernavaca. Once this activity, Mother Jovita prepared them for the Holy Hour, reminding them of the importance of the Sacrament of Baptism and to renew the promises acquired during it. For the to worship, everyone was provided with a vest, which symbolized the old man that everyone has within himself as well as a stone that signified the sin. As they approached the Blessed Sacrament in the auditorium stage, vest deposited over the floor and the rock into a fountain near the custody containing the Blessed Sacrament, then pick it up as a symbol of commitment as a baptized person. Everyone left this beautiful renewed encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist.

3rd. Day "Apostolate"

At the beginning of the last day activities, Sister Lorena presented a video of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque and revelations that the Heart of Jesus had for her, highlighting the virtues that as Sisters MLSCGpe must work and live day by day.

There was also some time to evaluate various aspects of the Congress by all attendees, and to make registrations for the Honor Guard.

The RP MSC Ignacio Alcala Alcala, gave them the conference "The Heart of Christ: a meeting that gives us back hope," in which he stressed that we need more attentive, firm, flexible and responsive heart to follow Christ and bear witness to him in the mission that everyone has, forgetting individualism, and selfishness. He especially mentioned the importance of having the heart occupied by Christ.

To conclude the Congress and give thanks to God for the graces obtained during it, we had the Eucharist celebrated by RP. MSC Father Ignacio. During this thanksgiving, 19 people made their commitment as Honor Guards, receiving their medal, and 3 other people made their commitment as MLSCGpe.

We thank all the Brothers and Sisters Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe for their generosity, likewise to all MLSCGpe who contributed with enthusiasm in the organization and details of the Congress, wishing that the Heart of Jesus and Our Blessed Mother of Guadalupe accompany them on their return to their homes and give them strength to continue extending his reign of love.

Sister Leticia Sotelo Curiel, MSCGpe


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